About Us

FairSource Botanicals was founded in 2019 around one central idea: that sourcing and using botanicals can and should be beneficial for all of the plants and people involved. The plants should be harvested sustainably and with respect; the harvesters should be paid fairly and on time; harvesting communities should have access to development investments; and consumers should have access to pure, high quality, traceable products.


We believe that when organized properly, supply chains of wild-harvested products can meet these goals. We approach this in two ways: first, by supporting and promoting existing ethical supply chains, and second, by organizing new approaches in existing supply chains.


Furthermore, we seek to step beyond sustainability, to create regenerative supply chains that actively leave the ecosystems and plants we partner with better off for our involvement.



"That sourcing and using botanicals can and should be beneficial for all of the plants and people involved."

Our Five Key Areas


The Quality of Product


Sustainability and Regeneration



Traceability of Products



Fair Compensation for Harvesters & Collectors



Investment in Harvesting Communities

1. The Quality of Product

By going direct to source, we can ensure that the botanicals and essential oils we’re producing are absolutely pure. We also conduct full tests (GC-MS, Chirality, Physical Constants) on all our oils to guarantee the purity of the oils.

Sand Dunes

Stephen Johnson has been working on the sustainability of wild-harvested products since 2016. He has conducted field research and analyses in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Ghana), East Africa (Ethiopia, Somaliland, Puntland), and the Arabian Peninsula (Oman), and has published almost a dozen peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and reports on non-timber forest products, especially frankincense. As a supplier of frankincense, myrrh, and other wild-harvested products, Stephen focuses on directly implementing regenerative approaches, as well as celebrating and promoting the brilliant rainbow of diversity in the scent, chemistry, and ecology of different frankincense and myrrh species.

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